Your face is your canvas, on show 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our skin battles a never-ending onslaught from the environment, our lifestyle, stresses and diet – it’s time to give it some love. Let us help you choose the best possible facial option for you – Skin:Personalised. If you don’t see a treatment that exactly suits what you require, ask and your Master Therapist will create the perfect treatment just for you, it’s what we do.

All of our facial treatments have the option of using either Environ or Ultraceuticals plus facials over 1hr include a complimentary brow tidy. In addition, why not try our Skin:Boosters to give va va voom to your facial. Add as many as you desire – we won’t tell.

  • Skin:Gym our ultimate facial   

    Step it up a notch with our ultimate facial workout. Skin:Gym targets uses all of our state-of-the-art equipment combined with potent active ingredients to give you incredible results . Skin will be smoother, softer, and stronger, with restored luminosity and radiance. Your Skin:Gym workout actively reduces the visible signs of ageing and improves the skins overall appearance. A highly specialised treatment that combines a peel (only if needed), a Skin:Fit photo facial and advanced sonophoresis infusion plus all the goodies expected from a Skin:Personalised Facial that is tailored to you on the day of your appointment, based on your skin needs.

    45(Mini Gym)/60/75mins – $180/$240/300 BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Fit collagen boost   

    The Skin:Fit Medical Photo Facial uses medically proven light frequencies to work like your skin’s own personal trainer, putting it through a strengthening internal workout. You can expect a boost in collagen and elastin, cellular remodeling and a fresher, brighter more youthful appearance. LED gives muscle to your facial and the benefits will keep working long after you drift off to sleep that evening. 30mins – $125 Or add Skin:Fit to any facial + $80 BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Quench dry skin   

    If dry skin is your concern then this deliciously hydrating facial is the choice for you. Your Master Therapist will combine advanced Sonophoresis infusion with your facial to plump and revive, bringing back that glow and minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles. 60/75mins – $140/200 BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Balance stressed out skin   

    Re-harmonise and re-energise stressed out skin with the Skin:Balance facial. The effects of stress, hormones and lifestyle changes can often be reflected through our skin, and just like our bodies, every now and then it needs to rebalance and repair. This fabulous Skin:Balance facial is designed to repair and rebuild the natural equilibrium to skin that has become sensitized or irritated and restore its appearance back to optimal condition. 60/75mins – $140/200 BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Defend skin breakouts   

    Whether you’re battling troublesome teenage breakouts, or if adult acne is knocking your confidence, the Skin:Defend facial is your ally in warding off your skin worries. With the gentle, skilled touch of your Master Therapist to soothe, cleanse and restore, this facial will bring harmony and calmness back to skin with breakouts or acne.  If your skin is in serious need of rescuing, you will need our IPL Acne treatment instead. 30/60mins – $80/140 BOOK NOW  

  • Skin:Detox extract and eliminate   

    Your skin has to bear the brunt of a busy lifestyle and harsh environmental conditions. And when the signs are starting to show, you know it’s time for a refresh. Our Skin:Detox treatment will extract and eliminate milia, or blackheads, while incorporating lymphatic drainage to detoxify, purify and leave your skin healthy and glowing. 30/60mins – $80/140 BOOK NOW



The M22 IPL machine is the latest innovation in IPL/Laser technology, with proven results in reduction of skin pigmentation, facial veins, diffused redness, treatment of rosacea, skin rejuvenation and permanent hair reduction.

Our IPL specialists are fully trained in this technology with over 18yrs experience between them.  Come and talk to our friendly team today about transforming your skin and book in for your consultation.

  • IPL Permanent Hair Reduction    

    *prices are indication only and firm price is given at consultation.

    Bikini 150

    Underarm 110

    Upper Lip  99

    Upper Lip & Chin 110

    ½ face 140

    Brazilian 200

    ½ leg 250

    Thighs 250

    Full Leg 500

    Forearm 140

    Full Arm 200

    Shoulders 150

    Back 250

    Chest 250

    Consultation 50 *redeemable against paid course of 3 treatments


  • IPL Rejuvenation    

    Full face 300

    Décolleté 300

    Neck 200

    ½ face 200

    Hands 200

    Consultation 55 *redeemable against paid course of 3 treatments




  • SKIN:Refine    

    Your skin is designed to constantly renew itself, but sadly, as we age, this renewal process slows considerably, leaving us with a dull appearance that highlights our fine lines and wrinkles. For younger skin, this renewal process can happen too fast, creating blockages and build up within follicles which causes breakouts or acne. By using the latest advancements, (no microdermabrasion or old-school technology), our peels will achieve fantastic results, whatever your skin concerns. We have a variety of peels (10 in total) from both brands to suit every concern and skin type. Prior to having some of these peels, your skin may require home care skin prepping 2 weeks before your treatment. Low Intensity Peels – 125 Or add Skin:Refine to any facial 80 Our Advanced Paramedical Peels take your skin improvement to the next level, amazing results and very targeted to specific concerns. Ultraceuticals Advanced A-Zyme Peel – This is the powerhouse of all anti-aging treatments. This fast acting non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-aging ingredients Retinol and Bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump skin. It works quickly, to dramatically diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and improves overall skin luminosity. The Ultraceuticals Radiance Plus boosting mask combines a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, dark spots and blotchiness to instantly reveal a beautiful complexion High Intensity Peels – 165 BOOK NOW    



It’s time to shape up!  These intensive treatments are designed to whip your skin into shape to have your skin looking youthful, radiant and healthy in time for that special event – wedding, holiday, birthday celebration or reunion!

  • Skin:Design/Dermal Needling    

    Your skin should be a reflection of how great you are feeling on the inside. If your skin is in need of a little rejuvenation, or you want to return it to the radiance of yesteryear. Then the Skin:Design treatment is for you. Utilising Direct Needle Therapy (DNT) to rejuvenate the skin’s youthful smooth appearance. This powerful treatment works to quickly rejuvenate the skin by increasing the production of collagen and elastin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, coarse texture and dull skin tone, excellent results can be achieved for scarring. We use the gold standard in dermal needling – Dermapen.  This is a machine based treatment and normally requires a minimum course of 3 treatments. Please note that Skin:Design treatments require our Skin:Personalised consultation and homecare skin prepping prior to booking your course. Consultation 30mins – 50 Dermapen 30mins – 300 Dermapen 30mins + Hyla Mask – 350 Dermapen 45mins – 350 Dermapen 45mins + Hyla Mask – 400 (redeemable against paid course) BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Design/Plasma Pen/Tightening/Lifting    

    Plasma Pen fibroblasting is a highly versatile treatment that is stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening and eyelid hood reduction. It treats, repairs, lifts, regenerates & rejuvenates almost any area of the skin & spectacularly improves and brightens skintone, laxity and texture, significantly tightens loose skin and dramatically reduces and plumps out lines and wrinkles. Plasma Pen and its pioneering technique helps deliver a brighter, more contoured and youthful appearance and results are virtually immediate & incredibly long lasting, all without any need for fillers, muscle relaxants, suturing, scalpels, injectable anesthetic or costly and invasive surgery. Please note that Skin:Design treatments require our Skin:Personalised consultation and homecare skin prepping prior to booking your course. Consultation 30mins – 50 UPPER FACE: Upper Eye Lift 800 Lower Eye Area 750 Crow’s Feet 500 Full Eyes (inc crows feet) from 1500 Brow Lift 700 Forehead lines from 500 Frown Lines (between brows) 500 Full Forehead Lift (incl frown lines) 1500 LOWER FACE: Nasolabial Fold 500 Marionette Lines 500 Oral Commissures/Mouth Corners 350 Upper Lip 700 Lower Lip 650 Full Lips (incl corners) 1000 Jawline/Jowl tightening from 1000 Neck Lines/Bands 800 Half Neck Lift 800 Full Neck Lift (incl neck bands) from 1500 NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT: Half Facelift 2000 Full Facelift 4000 BODY: Abdomen/Stretch Marks from 500         BOOK NOW

  • Cryopen    

    Wanting those unsightly skin tags gone?  Then this is the treatment you need,



  • Skin:Boosters    

    To add an extra bit of indulgence to your facial, our wonderful range of add-on Boosters give that little extra va va voom to complement your already amazing facial. As with your facial, each of these Boosters are tailored to suit your skin. Add as many as your heart desires to create the ultimate skincare treatment – go on, we won’t tell. Eye Intensive Combat crows feet and fight back against those fine lines; treat the delicate area around your eyes to some extra TLC with an eye intensive treatment. Neck Intensive We often forget that our neck is just as exposed as our face, give your neck some love with this Boost. Décolleté Intensive Don’t let a neglected décolletage age you – add this delectable Décolleté Boost to compliment your treatment. Lash and Brow Tint A perfectly groomed brow and luscious lash is the ideal finishing touch for your face. Heavenly Hair Ritual Can be done dry or with scented warm oil – bliss! Back Booster Cleanse Perfect for the exercise junky or those needing a back spruce up. Back Soother Enjoy some R & R while you’re at it, a Back Soother Boost will ease away those stresses. Out Damn Spot Extractions to either the face or back (please stipulate area required at booking time). All Boosts: 15mins each + 30 each BOOK NOW



  • Skin:Alpha    

    All treatments offered at Skin Boutique can be tailored to men. Men, your skin is unique and has its own specific needs due to shaving and lifestyle, it’s just as important for you to take care of yourself so you look and feel your best. So let us take care of all your grooming needs; your selected treatment will be tailored to your requirements, or your Master Therapist will design a treatment just for you. 60mins – $150 Or, just state you want the “Super:Man” treatment and we will work our magic and fix some of your facial grooming issues at the same time. 90mins – $240 BOOK NOW

  • Men:Grooming    

    Waxing Back & shoulders from $50 Chest & stomach from 50 Chest $40 Note: No men’s intimate waxing is done but please ask for pricing on other areas you may require or see our booking site for full details. Finishing Complete – lash and brow tint and brow shape – $55 Lash tint and brow shape – $40 Brow shape & trim – $30 BOOK NOW





    We work and play hard these days and what better way to put right with the world than with a massage. Aside from the wonderfully relaxing experience of a professional massage, they are also an important addition to our overall health and well-being regime, reducing anxiety and tension, improving circulation, stimulating lymph flow and relaxing overused muscles.

    We use a mix of relaxing Swedish and gentle deep flowing Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage combined with the heavenly scents of Pure Fiji products. Please note that the time allocation includes prep, consult, treatment and finishing.

    Back, shoulder and neck: 30mins – $60 Back, shoulder and neck: 45mins – $80 Full body: 60mins- $110

    We also have the beautiful Pure Fiji rituals which will have you drifting off dreaming of idyllic islands, warm sand, cocktails and long summer nights. Who could resist?


  • Island Wrap    

    The ritual begins with gentle body brushing followed by warm oil being drizzled from top to toe and a full body lomi lomi massage is preformed. A hand and foot masque is then applied. Your body is then wrapped and hot stones are placed on the body for warmth while a face and scalp massage is performed. Hydrating the skin and detoxifying the system, this body treatment will leave spa goers’ minds refreshed, relaxed and the body naturally restored. 75mins – $160 BOOK NOW  

  • Island Retreat    

    This journey starts with a warm milk bath foot soak to soften and refresh the feet, then buff away rough skin with the Sugar Rub. A rich foot mask using the body butter is applied and feet are wrapped. Clients can then relax on the treatment bed and experience a conditioning hair and scalp ritual. To complete this treatment a Lomi Lomi de-stressing back massage will leave you feeling like you have floated to the islands. 55mins – $120 BOOK NOW


S K I N : E S S E N T I A L S

No, we can’t hide from the day to day basic Essentials – Waxing, Lashes & Brows. We have all the treatments you need in order to maintain a fabulous you and leaving you feeling confident and beautiful afterwards.

  • Skin:Grooming - Waxing    

    Bikini – $35 G String – $45 Brazilian (first time or over 6 wks) – $80 Brazilian – $65 Underarm – $30 ½ leg – $40 ½ leg & bikini – $70 Full leg – $70 Full leg & bikini – $85 Upper lip or chin – $25 Upper lip and chin – $35 Escape Package – 1/2leg, bikini and Complete Eyes – $125   Men Back & shoulders – from $50 Chest & stomach – from $50 Chest –  $40 Note: No men’s intimate waxing is done but please ask for pricing on other areas you may require. BOOK NOW

  • Skin:Finish - Lashes & Brows    

    Our eyes say it all – so make sure yours are screaming ‘Fabulous!’ For that perfect finish and to make those peepers stand out, one of our lash and brow treatments are the final flourish to complement your features and frame your face. Complete – lash and brow tint and brow shape – 55 Lash tint and brow shape – $40 Lash tint and brow tint – $40 As facial add on only  +$30 Lash tint -$30 As facial add on only  +$20 Brow tint and shape Brow Shape $40 Or complimentary with 1hr facials  +$30 Brow tint OR brow shape – $30 As facial add on only  $20 BOOK NOW  


SKIN : T’s & C’s

  • Cancellation Policy    

    Your treatment time has been especially reserved for you however, we understand that plans change, If you need to change or cancel we require a minimum of 24hrs notice or a fee will apply. Gift vouchers will become void if you fail to show for your appointment.  Please be understanding, as we are a small business, and when appointments don’t turn up wages still need to be paid 🙂

  • Appointment Times    

    If you are coming to experience the magic of Skin Boutique for the first time, please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out our consultation form. Treatments always start and finish on time.

  • Gift Vouchers    

    We have beautifully presented personalised gift vouchers for you to give to your loved ones or someone deserving. Vouchers are available for all treatments or denominations and the lucky receiver can change to another treatment to the same value if they so desire.   Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. If you prefer an actual gift we can hand select items with the recipient in mind and then wrap them beautifully with a lovely message inside one of our cards – easy! Let us work our magic, we will do the wrapping, the writing and all the tricky bits you find hard.  We promise to bring some happiness to your loved one, making them feel special and cared for. Please call un on (09) 478 0041 so we can make gift buying easy for you.

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